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  • The Effects of Cannabis on Brain Tumours

    Cannabis is increasingly used as a treatment for patients with cancers. Despite promising preclinical data exposing the potential for cannabinoids to help treat GBM (glioblastoma multiforme), an extremely aggressive brain tumour, safety and clinical data are lacking. However, recent trials suggest cannabis may stall brain tumour growth.
  • CBD Shisha Versus Tobacco

    A significant advantage of smoking CBD shisha over tobacco is that it is not addictive,  and when you choose high-quality products, there are numerous health advantages to be found.
  • Should There Be More Funding Towards UK Cannabis Research?

    Cannabis Trials in the UK Even though medical cannabis has been legal in the UK for a few years now, many patients cannot access it because many m...
  • Mental Health Benefits and CBD - Does it Help?

    With the relaxing of laws related to CBD, you have probably noticed the flood of CBD-related products entering the marketplace as capsules, creams, ointments, and oils. The cosmetics industry has embraced CBD, and manufacturers now include it in many of their products. However, while much of the focus on CBD products relate to its physical health benefits, research reveals that it may also assist with mental health issues.
  • Cannabis and Orgasms

    As cannabis becomes more accessible in various parts of the world, people have discovered new uses other than getting high. Some people have found that it can help them sleep and reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Others have used it to improve their appetite and enjoy better nutrition. It appears that cannabis has different effects on women than it does on men.

  • Medical Cannabis Around the World

    Cannabis is being legalised in many states in the US, but is still considered illegal in the UK. What about the rest of the world? Are conditions for medical cannabis better or worse in other areas around the globe?
  • Medical Cannabis and How it Impacts Cancer Treatment

    In some places, medical cannabis is available to more people seeking treatment and relief from their symptoms. Many people are against cannabis as ...
  • Benefits of CBD Oil for Athletes

    Research into CBD oil benefits is ongoing, but the discoveries so far are promising. Amateur and professional athletes with a rigorous training schedule often suffer from joint pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation, and it is these areas where CBD oil supplementation could benefit.

    Benefits of CBD Oil for Athletes
  • The Endocannabinoid System and Its Role in the Body

    The endocannabinoid system (ECS) performs regulatory functions in the body. First discovered in the 1990s, study of the ECS is still a relatively new field, and medical scientists and researchers continue to find new pieces to add to the puzzle. We learn more about the endocannabinoid system, its roles, and how it functions every day, but scientists believe we have barely scratched the surface. Here's a brief rundown on a few of the things we do know.
  • CBD Treatment for Diabetes - Can it Help?

    Now that CBD is readily available, people have been using it to find relief from various medical conditions, including pain, anxiety, epilepsy, inflammation, and, more recently, diabetes. Researchers are discovering more and more potential for CBD oil to help prevent diabetes or manage some of its symptoms.
  • What is Hemp? A History of Hemp

    The Long and Varied History of Hemp As passionate hemp enthusiasts, we decided to dig into the history of this unique plant. You could colour us im...
  • What is CBD?

    The internet is buzzing about CBD oil and hemp, but what are these products, what can you use them for, re they safe, and are they legal? The U.S. ...
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