Cannabis and Orgasms

Cannabis and the Female Orgasm - Myth or Reality

As cannabis becomes more accessible in various parts of the world, people have discovered new uses other than getting high. Some people have found that it can help them sleep and reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Others have used it to improve their appetite and enjoy better nutrition.

It appears that cannabis has different effects on women than it does on men. Many women have discovered that sex while slightly stoned is far more likely to result in orgasm than intercourse while entirely sober.

More and more women are opening up about cannabis's supposed new superpower, but research also provides some credibility to the growing pool of anecdotal evidence.

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 Cannabis and Orgasms - Research and Evidence

The Journal of Sexual Medicine [1] published a report created by a gynaecologist and behaviour scientist team at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine. The study involved 373 women, with 176 of those admitting to regular cannabis use.

The participants were quizzed about their use of cannabis and some details about their sex life, including their overall experience, use of lubrication, sexual drive, pain during intercourse, and the intensity of their orgasms.

Once all the variables had been collated, they were compared against sex in combination with cannabis use versus intercourse without it.

Almost 70% of cannabis-using women reported a more satisfying sexual encounter while under its influence. Further to that, more than 60% reported that cannabis produced a higher than usual sex drive, and more than 50% said their orgasms were more satisfying than sex without cannabis.

It's important to consider that self-reported experiences are not the most reliable sources for scientific inquiry. Participants may not be entirely truthful. Plus, there is no way to account for the number of people who may be more open to experimentation and have a different attitude towards sex than people who avoid recreational drug use.

Researchers are not clear on the mechanisms that increase sexual appetite and heightened orgasm through cannabis use.

Research on mice suggests there may be interactions between the body's endocannabinoid system, the cannabinoids present in cannabis, neurotransmitters, and hormones that can influence sexual behaviour.

Whatever is occurring, the study concluded that cannabis use does appear to "improve satisfaction with orgasm." The hope is that further research will lead to the development of treatments for female sexual dysfunction.

Ian Kerner, Ph. D., a sex and relationship specialist from NYC, says that using cannabis, whether via an edible or smoking, could " positively affect sexual inhibition." Eating or smoking cannabis appears to improve the sexual experience for many women and can help them achieve more intense orgasms than they have ever felt before.

Cannabis-infused lubes are now hitting the market with promises of improved sexual encounters. Lubes do take a little more time to kick in than an edible, so a quickie is not the best use case. Lubes do not produce the usual high, but many women report heightened sensations "down there" when using them.

It's clear that more study is required, but as the evidence stacks up, it's becoming increasingly clear that cannabis could be the answer to sexual dissatisfaction for many women.

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