CBD Shisha Versus Tobacco

Extensive research has shown that a lifelong tobacco habit can have severe health consequences such as cancer, emphysema, and a lower overall level of health and fitness.

Surprisingly, smoking tobacco has some benefits, such as stress relief, improved mental focus, and weight loss. However, the addictive properties of cigarettes and the increased risks of tobacco-related diseases can make for a deadly combination.

With the legalisation of CBD products, a new type of smoking product, CBD shisha, has entered the scene. A significant advantage of smoking CBD shisha is that it is not addictive,  and when you choose high-quality products, there are numerous health advantages to be found.

What is CBD shisha, and is there any difference between smoking tobacco to smoking CBD shisha.

Continue reading to find out more and whether there are any benefits to smoking CBD shisha in general, even if you are not a regular tobacco user.

What is CBD Shisha

Traditional shisha uses tobacco with nicotine,  which passes through to the brain via membranes in the roof of the mouth and is incredibly addictive. Traditional molasses-based tobacco shisha can be expensive, but new bases recently introduced have made it more affordable.

In comparison, CBD shishas are created from a combination of fruit leaves or tea leaves, sugar cane and flavouring agents, which are then infused with CBD. High-quality CBD shishas are 100% organic. They are not exposed to the same taxes as tobacco shisha and are therefore more affordable.

The higher quality ingredients used in CBD shisha for smoking means the smoke has fewer impurities like tar and heavy metals.

There's no nicotine in CBD shisha, which means you can smoke it without fear of addiction. The THC levels in CBD shishas are below 0.3%, so you won't experience any hallucinatory effects when smoking CBD shisha.

Benefits of Smoking CBD Shisha

Research is ongoing, but it appears that CBD products offer numerous health benefits. You should consult with your doctor when considering any CBD product you plan to use as a treatment. It's advised not to use CBD while pregnant, and it may interfere with the efficacy of certain medications.

Apart from those caveats, CBD shisha has been shown to relieve joint and muscle pain, ease chronic pain, reduce inflammation, reduce the effects of stress, and improve sleep. Plus, users of CBD shisha report that it makes them feel good without getting high.

Many people are also turning to CBD shisha to help them quit traditional cigarettes and ease anxiety-related symptoms.

One of the best reasons to switch from tobacco to CBD shisha is that tobacco smoke contains thousands of harmful chemicals, many of them known carcinogens.

CBD Shisha Produces Rapid Results

Smoking CBD shisha delivers almost immediate results because it's the most efficient way to distribute cannabidiols throughout the body. CBD products designed to be consumed or applied externally will need time before you feel the full effects.

The CBD can also travel directly to the brain after inhalation, making CBD shisha an excellent alternative for sleeping issues.

As you can see, there are many differences between smoking tobacco versus smoking CBD shisha. It is now legal to smoke CBD shisha in the UK, but be sure to only use products sourced from a reputable supplier.

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